Find my projects organized by scope below (select image to learn more).
There is also a chronological

Major Projects

This section includes projects I worked on for extended periods of time, usually as part of a team.

Crimson Company (digital)
Competitive Card Game

Prosperous Universe
MMO Economy Sim

Tactical Battle Racing

Crimson Company
Competitive Card Game

Travian Kingdoms
MMO Strategy

Side Projects

This section includes short-term side projects (typically up to a few months).

Trivia Roguelike

Lane Stormers
Real-time Card Game

Martial Cards
Card-based Roguelike

Spacewalk Empire
Real-time Strategy

Puzzle Game

Game Jams

This section includes game jam projects, experiments and coding challenges (typically up to a few days).

Solitaire Card Game

River Rogue
Real-time Roguelike

Soulmate Factory
Emoji-matching Action

Arcade Soccer (with a crank)

Alien Disco
Pattern Recognition Action

Footy 560
Soccer in 2 tweets of code

Black Hole Vagabond
Arena Survival

Dual-actor Arcade Action

Ghost Drivers
Arcade Racer in 1 tweet of code

Top-down Shooter

Stand Your Ground
Turn-based ASCII Shmup


This section includes projects where I had more of a supporting or advisory role.

Auro: A Monster-Bumping Adventure
Roguelike Tactics

Empire: The Deck Building Strategy Game
4X Deck-Building

Arkheim - Realms at War
MMO Strategy