All my released projects, organized by scope
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Major Projects

This section includes projects I worked on for extended periods of time, usually as part of a team.

Rack and Slay
Billiard Roguelike

Crimson Company
Competitive Card Game

Trivia Roguelike

Prosperous Universe
MMO Economy Sim

Crimson Company (digital)
Competitive Card Game

Tactical Battle Racing

Travian Kingdoms
MMO Strategy

Side Projects

This section includes short-term side projects (typically up to a few months).

Crank Crawl
Roguelike Puzzler

Arcade Puzzler

Lane Stormers
Real-time Card Game

Quote GOAT
Trivia Roguelike

Martial Cards
Card-based Roguelike

Spacewalk Empire
Real-time Strategy

Game Jams

This section includes game jam projects, experiments and coding challenges (typically up to a few days).

Solitaire Card Game

Beastie Bingo
Bingo Collectathon

River Rogue
Real-time Roguelike

Soulmate Factory
Emoji-matching Action

Arcade Soccer (with a crank)

Alien Disco
Pattern Recognition Action

Auto-scrolling Shmup (with cards)

Footy 560
Soccer in 2 tweets of code

Black Hole Vagabond
Arena Survival

Dual-actor Arcade Action

Ghost Drivers
Arcade Racer in 1 tweet of code

Top-down Shooter

Stand Your Ground
Turn-based ASCII Shmup


This section includes projects where I had more of a supporting or advisory role.

Auro: A Monster-Bumping Adventure
Roguelike Tactics

Gem Wizards Tactics
Turn-based Tactics

Empire: The Deck Building Strategy Game
4X Deck-Building

Arkheim - Realms at War
MMO Strategy