Rack and Slay
Billiard Roguelike

Rack and Slay is a roguelike where the player character is a billiard ball. Naturally, combat is not based on numbers and stats, but all about physics and spatial relations instead. The controls however are kept intentionally simple, since a lot of emergent complexity unfolds when players draft from more than 100 items that passively influence gameplay or grant economy advantages for later levels. Structurally, the game uses the effective "shop → level → shop..." loop established by e.g. Brotato: Players make strategic choices between levels and then test them out in action immediately.

I designed and programmed the game's prototype on my own until almost all mechanics were in place. Then 2 Left Thumbs joined as a publisher and we quickly brought on Victor Negreiro as an artist and animator to redo the (mostly programmer-style) visuals.

"Just pure pog every time you play!" (Olexa about the demo)

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