Travian Kingdoms
MMO Strategy Game

Travian Kingdoms is a spin-off to the popular Travian series of MMO strategy games. Players work as a team (i.e. “kingdom”) and plan their strategy over several months. There’s a hierarchy within teams with players taking roles such as king, duke or governor. More high-level positions focus on communication and planning while the majority of players provide resources and troops for the common cause.

I joined development during open beta. Over several iterations, I helped streamline the game and designed features to improve accessibility and retention, such as achievements, daily quests and an in-game help system. I was also responsible for most of the design-related communication with the thousands of concurrent players through forums and blog posts.

"The fact that you are working as a small link in a big chain will certainly appeal to many." (Mikey Walker – BG Directory)

Quick Facts

  • Online: Official Website

  • Publisher: Travian Games GmbH

  • Release: March 18, 2015

  • Platforms: Web, Mobile (iOS & Android)

  • Technology: Java, JavaScript

  • What I did: Game Design

Side Notes

  • I kept being involved with the game's design for all major updates and feature releases until 2017

  • The mobile app was externally developed by the RockAByte GmbH and released in 2016