Crimson Company (digital)
Competitive Card Game

Crimson Company's digital version retains the card game’s unique gameplay, but introduces world-map progression, global online matchmaking and ladder rankings to support its highly competitive nature. It also uses a unique "joint deck-building" system wherein both players bring half of the characters that will be used, making each match different from the one before without ever giving a power advantage to the player who amassed the bigger collection of cards.

After successfully pitching the project to secure support from multiple national funding programs, I worked as a creative lead and managed a small team throughout the game’s development.

Quick Facts

  • Online: iOS App Store | Google Play

  • Publisher: Crimson Company UG

  • Release: February 23, 2021

  • Platforms: Mobile (iOS & Android)

  • Technology: Unity (C#)

  • What I did: Game Design, Creative Direction, Writing, Quality Assurance

Accolades & Ratings

  • "One of the most unique game mechanics I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing in years." (Catherine Ng Dellosa – Pocket Gamer)

  • "It's straight forward [...] but there's a lot of counter-play and depth there! I can see somebody going back to this more than they go back to other card games." (Esty8nine)

  • rated 4.5 on Google Play and 4.0 in the App Store (6 months after release)