Prosperous Unvierse
MMO Economy Sim

In Prosperous Universe, all players share a persistent game world. As a result, every single action bears the potential to have a lasting effect on the future of the game. The highly complex economic and political developments are purely driven by players and unfold an extraordinary amount of emergent depth. Players are enabled to stay on top of all this via a fully customizable user interface.

I joined the team during "First Access" as a dedicated game systems designer to analyze and improve upon gameplay and balancing, and to work on entirely new systems and feature sets. Later on I also took over a variety of programming tasks on client as well as server side (bugfixes, feature development, redesigns).

"This deep simulation of space economics is surprisingly compelling." (Jonathan Bolding – PC Gamer)

Quick Facts

  • Online: Official Website

  • Publisher: simulogics GmbH

  • Platforms: Web, PC (Windows, Linux, Mac)

  • Technology: Java, JavaScript

  • What I did: Game Design, Programming

Release Timeline

  • 2017-2019: "First Access" - pre-alpha access for a one-time payment

  • 2020: "Free-to-play" - open alpha with additional features for paying users

  • 2021: "Early Access" - transition to F2P with "PRO license" subscription model

  • 2022: Early Access release on Steam